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WishingStar Stables is a very small unique stable it has alot of character in my opinion. My pony mare Heidi May and my quarter horse mare Rae Dee(Seneca) are currently living at WishingStar Stables along with my Mom's tobiano paint Dandy's Onyx Inferno (Ponyboy or you may know him as Otis).
Heidi May(flying pony)

Heidi May is a Pony of America she is 18 years oldand she is a red roan appaloosa she stands at 13 hh tall ..... She's my hero she was my first horse and has never failed my since I got her.....

Heidi Mays life story.....
A friend of my trainer saved her from the slaughter house she bred her to a beautiful aint and gave her to my trainer after she got the baby. So one day I go to the barns and my trainer asks me to go get the new horse Heidi May I gave her a puzzled look she replied shes a new project I got for you I gave her a cheezie grin and said ok and ran out to her paddock and got her needless to say it was love at first sight and I went on to train her for a year.Then a year later my trainer switched barns and offered to sell Heidi May to me and you can only guess what I said........ I said of course in an over joyed voice....and ive had for 5 years now she's the best and for those 5 years she was a hunter jumper and i just retired her from it now she team pens, barrel races, and does flags at kellyville round up club and does trails all over the country side she couldnt be happier.
Rae Dee (seneca)

Rae Dee is my sorrel quarter horse mare she is 10 years old and 16.5hh tall her great great great grandfather is Man o' War. this horse can be pain in the buttbut if there was ever a time I needed a horse to race my friends with she was always happy she is a wuna be hunter jumper but she has a minor back problem a disk in her back is calcified making it to were she has limited abilities like she cant jump a jump thats taller than a foot tall.

Rae Dee's Life Story.......
After I got to big to use Heidi May in hunter jumper so I began looking for a broke horse didnt matter if they were english or western so I went to Cache oklahoma to look at a horse which was a disaster but after that I looked at a few other horses and they also turned into disasters so one day I'm looking in the classifieds in the paper and I see a picture of beautiful sorrel quarter horse mare and instantly knew thats who I wanted so we went to check her out and just as I thought I loved her she moved like a smooth running creek in the spring and so an hour after that they delivered her to the stables and boy! Heidi May sure didnt disagree that i had found not only the best riding horse but Heidi May's new best friend I have had her for a year now. And I can always trust that the two of them will go anywhere with me and won't ever give me any problems. then after that I started riding her and noticed she was actin kinda crazy when she loped(ran) so I took her to a trainer because I knew it was way outa my league there was no way I could fix it i'm way to small for that job and so after that the trainer said she had back problems and to take her to legacy equine center and they did internal and external ultra sounds on her and sure enough she did indeed have back problems she had a calcified disk in her back which when going over jumps can cause excrutiating pain just like it does in a humans back they said the only thing they could do was inject her with steroids every 3 weeks and even they didnt know if that would work ....so then aftre that decided I was gonna train her for trails, barrel racing, flags,and team penning it will be her first year for all of them and I am goin to take her to my round up club ....kellyville round up club......we will see how it goes I will write blogs and keep u updated on her....... she currently is retired and is out in a big pasture being a broodmare.
The barn manager and Dandy's onyx inferno(ponyboy/otis)

Dandy's onyx inferno is my mom's tovero paint he's still growing but im guessing him to be almost 14.2hh tall he's about to turn 4 in april.....hes a rescue horse he has gained atleast 50 pounds so far.... I helped break him and saw he wasn't doin so hot so me and mom went and got him and hes geeting better i've been ridin him 10 minutes almost everyday to build his muscle up and get him in shape...and so i can finish training him for my mom so she can tem pen off him....

Dandy's Onyx Inferno's life story ......
Dandy doesnt have much of a life story yet........but I will tell you whats happend so far.... So i'm over at a friend of the families house and I see this little squirt out in the pasture with the herd and of course a minute later i went running out there with a halter to go get him and he wasnt exactly what youd call broke but me being completely brainless got up on him and hes was just fine he rode like a dream and kept riding him ever so often and well one day I came and he had lost some weight you could tell he felt kind of in the dumps so me and mom asked if we could buy him but we wound up gettin him for free now he's like a total puppy dog he follows you around and cleans your jacket pockets out everytime......we have had him about 4 months now........Onyx is now healthy and is almost 17hh tall and he is a big hand full now and is going to a trainer in a few months...due to him being to big for me to handle.

This is me training my best friends paso fino

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